Press Release

Milano, 3rd February 2020

The new year brings great news for Kukula: an important partnership with Innovita – a leading company in the production of gas water heaters and wall mounted boilers – for the Zero Carbon project.

The collaboration was born from afar, but the two organisations developed, from the very start, a solid agreement which fostered the partnership. Innovita has always invested in innovation, quality, environmental awareness and teamwork, the same values ​​in which Kukula strongly believes.

The company, based in Bosisio Parini (LC, Italy), will financially support the pilot phase of the Zero Carbon project, which involves the development and construction of cooking stoves, the training of local communities, and the monitoring of both the production process and the technology adoption process, in order to ensure maximum efficiency.

The road ahead is full of challenges, but the partnership sets off with a lot of enthusiasm: “We are very happy to start this collaboration and we can’t wait to get to work: there is a lot to do, but knowing that we have the support of a company such as Innovita boosts our motivation and gives new energy to the whole team! ”- this is the comment by Marco Tizzoni, the Zero Carbon project manager.

“Our trust in Kukula’s work is absolute – comments Marco Tagliaferri, General Manager of Innovita – it was very easy to make this decision: we operate in a sector that has relevance to the project and I must say that I was immediately struck by Kukula’s enthusiasm. We are happy to support the project and, where relevant, to make our know-how available to the team.”

You can find further information on Innovita on their website:


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